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China Business Travel 101

Ever wondered if you could deal directly with manufacturers... in China?! It's easier than you think.

First Impressions
I visited China in Autumn 2005 with a group of business associates and must admit that I was amazed, both by the warm reception we received wherever we went, and at the factories we toured. Having never been there before, and having only news accounts of "difficulties" between China and the U.S. to fuel my imagination, I assumed things would be overly........ Read More

5 Tips To Invest And Do Business In China

1. Have clear understanding of China It is essential to understand the culture of the country before investing in it. Understanding China is vital as China is a land of vast diversity. As such it is important for the company to understand the culture and the society’s values before establishing operations in China. Only through understanding the culture and values strong foundations can be built and higher chance of success can thus be achieved. 2. Understand local business practices Given........ Read More

Invest In China - Establishing A Business Presence

Three primary investment forms are commonly used by foreign companies to establish a permanent presence in China -- the Sino-foreign Joint Venture, the Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, and the Representative Office. Sino-Foreign Joint Ventures This investment form requires the foreign company to team up with a Chinese partner. As Chinese companies are typically short on money (particularly hard currency), the foreign partner usually provides the bulk of the funding while the Chinese partne........ Read More

How To Do Business In China

It is not surprising at all when many foreign investors complained when they do business in China. Many wondered why their years of experience in the business world could not be applied in China immediately. Doing business is about building mutual trust and benefit amidst establishing relationship with people. If you do not understand your counterpart well, it will be quite difficult to establish good cooperation with him/her. An old Chinese saying goes: know yourself and your enemy well and you........ Read More

Where Should You Locate Your Business In China?

Factors that may influence your choice of location include local infrastructure, land prices and availability, human resources, local government policies and attitudes, location of your joint venture partner (if any), proximity to suppliers, and proximity to your target market (if you plan to sell your products domestically). Perhaps even more importantly, however, it is crucial that you locate your company within a designated special investment zone in order to take advantage of significant ........ Read More

Web Sites That Help You Doing Business In China

In this article, we will talk about different web sites that are useful when doing business in China, includes search engine, business directories and some other websites. According to latest research made in fourth quarter 2005, there are over 100 million Internet users in China. (China rank second just after U.S.) However, it just covers 7.9% of the population. More important is that 63% of these Internet users have performed online purchase. Over the past ten years, the growth rate of Intern........ Read More

China: Getting Your Business Started

One would surely do everything he can in order to succeed in venturing into the industry of consumer market. The demand seems to never die especially for the necessities. The more choices the consumers have, the better the industry does. So if you want to get a kick start on making a living in the industry of consumer market, stop wasting time and let’s get started. Starting a business is a tough job. You’ll have to decide on which type of market you’d like to get into, after which,........ Read More


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China Investor Business China Asia Travel Bali
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